A story about a demure reader,writer & baker. Went to science school, and then law school and now stuck in business school.

Claustrophobic self

As the night grew deeper, I raged to own battle. Deep down, I was terrified. I felt that I was having a lifetime of pain & sorrow. I was a lone figure. I felt my breathing speed, heard the sound of my heart pumping louder than usual. Sometimes in my life, I just gave up with everything that had. I just don't care anymore.I don't have the courage to stay alive anymore. There comes a point where it all becomes to much. When we get too tired to fight, so we give up. But a heart that keeps beating won't just stop like that. There must be a reason why we should staying strong. Thick heavy raindrops started to pound the uneven dirt floor. Hm, I love rains, yeah I do. That's a pleasure. Now smile :)