A story about a demure reader,writer & baker. Went to science school, and then law school and now stuck in business school.

tough heart

It's been hard to go through these days. I could feel like sorrow embracing my soul, fidgety keeps blowing my minds, my eyes shed tears, pure sadness filled my heart..
Wait. I'm good. I'm alright. Yeah, quite. A bit stressful actually. But it's okay. Life's tough. Everybody knows that. But.. the hardest was the toughest. The toughest was the most important. Sometimes.. it feels so right to cry. To shed some tears.
Then, I walk into a gloomy room. Cover my body with a blanket. Look through the windows. Look at the blue sky.
"Wake up! The storm's over. The sun's shining. Come on! It's not rough anymore. You'll be alright now."
Yeah, I'm alright. I'm fine. Perhaps.